Frequently Asked Questions

It’s the most famous example of hypnosis: stage hypnosis. Tricks that showmen use, often with stooges planted in the audience, to entertain. And one of the most famous is the idea that they can get someone from the audience to “cluck like a chicken”.

While it might be entertaining as a stage show, hypnosis has a serious side too. Hypnosis has been scientifically proven by many studies to help with sadness and depression, focus, abilities, phobias, healing and pain relief. At we acknowledge the entertainment value that stage hypnosis can provide, but we focus on the wellness benefits. Our Mp3’s won’t have you clucking like a chicken. Instead, we’ll help you recover faster from surgery, speak with confidence next time you give a speech, lose weight more successfully, or give up smoking.

Being hypnotised by someone else (like in the stage shows) is quite different to doing self hypnosis to hypnotize yourself. When you do self hypnosis, you are in complete control and our Mp3’s are a guide only, to help you practice self hypnosis in much the same way as you might practice meditation.

Self Hypnosis is a way for you to focus your mind on achieving the things you want from life. You are in control. You can stop at any time, quickly and easily. The Mp3s provide a guide to help you relax and focus, similar in a lot of ways to meditation. You are in control at all times.

The vast majority of people find self hypnosis to be relaxing and refreshing, much like meditation.

We recommend you find a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed when doing self-hypnosis. When you close your eyes, it allows you to relax, and focus, which are key steps to achieving self hypnosis. Scientists have studied brain wave patterns, and deduced that when your eyes are closed, your brain waves alter slightly. These altered brain waves make it easier for you to achieve self-hypnosis. So our recommendation to close your eyes is to make the process easier for you to achieve a state of self hypnosis.
Occasionally, hiccups with technology can occur.

The following options usually solve the problem:

Check for updates to iTunes – quite often, applying the latest iTunes update solves the problem
Re-download your Mp3s. In rare circumstances, downloads to your computer might get interrupted and the whole file doesn’t download. Re-download your file and try again.
Try using an Mp3 player other than iTunes. There are some great Mp3 players available in the Apple store – some of which are easier to use than iTunes!

If the above doesn’t work, contact us for help and we will endeavour to assist.

To get the Mp3s onto your iPhone:

download your Mp3 file(s) taking note of the directory name you store them in
import the Mp3 into iTunes
sync your iPhone with iTunes as usual.

Yes, you can use the self hypnosis MP3 on as many devices as you own.

The MP3 is for your personal use only. You are not permitted to give copies to other people or share it.