Relaxation – Hypnosis Script PDF Download


The Relaxation Hypnosis Script Download in PDF format has been formulated for general stress relief in the treatment of patients by hypnotherapists.


Relaxation – Hypnosis Script PDF Download

Relaxing Hypnosis Script Download

The Relaxation Hypnosis Script Download is a general relaxation script to create a calming effect on a patient. It has been written by a professionally trained and practicing hypnotherapist for general use when a specific cause of stress is not known.

Relaxation hypnosis is particularly helpful for patients suffering high blood pressure, when recovering from surgery or injury, or when facing a stressful situation in life. The script can be used in conjunction with other therapies to boost their effectiveness. Patients report benefits of sleeping better, feeling it easier to make decisions, and feeling less pain when treated with relaxation hypnosis. Usually, a good relaxation script will generate feelings of personal wellbeing and assist a patient in feeling happier.

Short scripts can also be beneficial for patients exhibiting nervousness or suspicion about being hypnotized. A short, relaxing hypnotherapy treatment which increases the patient’s feeling of wellness and dulls down aches and pains can be an effective introduction to the benefits of hypnosis. While similar to meditation, a properly conducted relaxation hypnosis treatment will be more effective than meditation and leave the patient feeling more relaxed and able to cope with life.

The Relaxation Hypnosis Script Download is licenced for use by a single hypnotherapist, who may use the script when treating multiple patients. The script may not be transferred, in any format.

Patients may also benefit from the Relaxation hypnosis mp3 download, which they can play repeatedly to reinforce the de-stressing benefits of relaxation hypnosis. The relaxation mp3 will reinforce the benefits of a relaxation hypnotherapy session.